Which communication channels are most commonly used by pharma managers?

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Which communication channels are most commonly used by pharma managers?

Which communication channels are the most popular? What are pros and cons for each particular marketing tool? At the end of 2014 we asked for opinion 300 Brand Managers reponsible for both, Rx and OTC brands.

The most commonly used channel is 1-1 meeting (64%).  Sponsoring and conference meetings remain on the second position, followed by group meeting, which is used by almost 40% of BM’s. Every 3rd respondent use Internet for marketing communication, while only about 10% invest in telemarketing.

Which communication channels are most effective?

Declarations of usage highly correspond to perceived potential and effectiveness of particular communication tools:

Communcation channels in pharma - potential and effectivenes

Group meetings – high potential, high effectiveness and… lots of problems.

Despite high popularity and usage, group meetings are not free from issues. Most problem indications refer to unpreparedness of medical representatives to their presentations (37%), low time and money availability of Key Opinion Leaders (36%) and low physicians engagement (33%). This issues are followed by other problems like high service costs (30%) and costs of educational program preparation (19%). Only every 10th respondent believes that group meetings do not generate any additional problems.

About all the profits of group meetings in workplace

They are not perfect but still remain one the most popular and effective tool for marketers and BM’s. Workplace group meetings are much better evaluated then the ones which require transportation. Respondents indicate following pros of this tool:

Profits of group meetings in workplace by Pharma Brand Managers

Live streaming – low quality, low engagement

Medical conferences are full of live streaming solutions. It allows to invite the most popular specialists and hardly available lecturers from all over the world. Unfortunately, live streaming and hangouts are also very problematic. Low quality of audio and video indicate almost 50% of brand managers from pharma industry. This is followed by: unsufficient speakers preparation (38%) and low low physicians engagement (36%).

About the research

The research was conducted in november 2014 on a sample of 300 polish managers responsible for pharma brands (Rx and OTC).

Dorian Szymański