DBE presentation tool for Apple Watch and Android Wear soon

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  • Igor Gnot
  • Partner & ceo at connectmedica

DBE presentation tool for Apple Watch and Android Wear soon

This Ninth of September (09.09.) had to be an easily memorizable date – it concerned Apple’s new products release, after all. The iPhone 6S model conquered international media in that one day, so you have probably already had a glimpse of the cute pink device every woman in the world would like to have.  I, on the other hand, will now focus on WatchOS2, the operational system for Apple Watch. Up till today designer Apple Watches often received mediocre opinions as for their utility and ease of use.  Sure, you could buy one and look pretty hip with the watch on your wrist, but after a while it just lacked of function. And suddenly, bang, three weeks ago it became a desirable humdinger, eliciting nothing but enthusiasm. Some new functions are pretty extraordinary, while others are simply improvements to the old version.

Let’s look them up

  • Siri: The popular satin-voiced Apple iOS personal assistant will now be your right hand during work-outs, schedule checks or getting directions, just ask her for it.
  • Payments: Apple Pay enables users fast and safe purchasing transactions right from their wrist.
  • Transit info: Maps will show you best transportation tips in selected cities or current location.
  • Messaging: Now you can not only receive e-mails, but also send responses in return.
  • Digital Touch: A fun application, letting you draw colorful sketches and send them to other Apple Watch users.
  • Time Travel: Used in order to know e.g. the weather and daily headlines in present, future and past time.
  • Photo Album: Your favorite photos will appear on the watch face every time you raise your wrist.
  • New Apps:  Digital Crown to control your house lights, Strava with a heart rate sensor useful during exercise, speaker, microphone and many more.

Apple officially invites developers to create and popularize new applications for the WatchOS2, so they’ll be ‘’able to create apps that are truly designed for the wrist’’. Connectmedica took up the challenge. Our Research&Development section tailored DBE business presentation tool for the WatchOS.

Decision Based Education is already used by conference speakers and business coaches. They use it because:

  • DBE makes a great speaker out of everyone. He doesn’t even need to actually be at the place or time of the event, because his speech has been pre-recorded in high quality and presented by the moderator. Presentations have an interactive form and the variety of functions is surprising. The way I see it, the great advantage that speakers who normally conduct presentations by themselves get from DBE is the new support they receive from Key Opinion Leaders as video experts. That way the total presentation time is shared by the moderator, who now has a different role, the expert on video and the sales representative’s audience, who also engages itself in the decision based course.
  • DBE makes presentations interesting and easy to absorb for the audience. The recipients are positively shaken up and stay focused on the slides thanks to their non-linear agenda. It’s always possible to skip or toss scenario elements, depending on the listeners will and reactions. The coach can also add rapidly created video commentaries.
  • People love the idea of influencing reality. Encouraging them to change any content by clicking on multiple-answer tests or giving simple yes/no answers incites vivid discussions and certain reaction. Routine training turns into fun and meritocracy learning based on behaviorism.

Situation: The moderator sits anonymously among the audience and controls the event by discrete clicks of his Apple Watch. The screen asks intriguing questions to the audience, the content getting more and more concerning. Everyone is waiting for someone to appear on the stage. After five minutes, the conference room is full of laughter and whispers… Imagine the impact of such symposiums on your audience?

October First (01.10)- DBE for Apple Watch release.  Stay launched…


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