WOW your audience. Three elements of impactful presentations with DBE

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  • Igor Gnot
  • Partner & ceo at connectmedica

WOW your audience. Three elements of impactful presentations with DBE

‘Infographics are the best
Cut back strongly on your text
Bullet points on separate slides
Creative design is your pride’

This little poem of mine (hope the rhymes won’t make you sigh) summarizes the 8 tips for an awesome Powerpoint presentation by Damon Nofar.

It’s a nicely made how-to, outlining well-known facts from creative presentation guides:

  • Use beautiful, flat colors and attractive fonts
  • An image says more than a thousand words
  • Stress your important messages on separate slides

To the aforementioned, I will add two more, found in Tips for designing presentations that don’t suck:

  • Text alone will be remembered only in 10% 72 hours after the presentation, a sole picture will be recalled in 35% . But image + text guarantees a 65% memorability.
  • Your audience will later call to mind only 3 main things from your content!

Once you’ve created your attractive, noticeable and out of the box Powerpoint presentation, you still must stand up to THE challenge:  talk about slides in an intriguing way; engage your audience to the maximum and, most importantly – MAKE THEM INTERACT.

You have to find a tool, which will empower your content. Among other apps and programs present on the market, there is a very innovative system called DBE (Decision Based Education). It’s functions redefine completely traditional presentations.

Three DBE factors transform your presentations into special ones:

  • It lets you add videos with Thought Leaders. This supports your content as if they were physically present on scene with you. You can choose field specialists, doctors, known practitioners etc.


So, we have video. What else?

  • Make it interactive, get some reaction! Present the slides in a non-linear mode: instead of just talking about pictures running in order on the big screen, engage the listeners by confronting them with decision points. These are moments in the presentation, when the moderator or Key Opinion Leader engages the audience by asking their opinion on the presented subject. He can manage the discussion following audience’s will by asking questions like: ‘On the last five slides you have seen three situations, if you could make the right decision, would you choose A, B or C?’. People talk, discuss and finally vote. And this is what makes the meeting interesting


So, you’ve made your presentation engaging and educationally valuable… There is one more detail that will make you shine among other presentation creators. Any thought ? Hint: What made Jurassic Park and Terminator iconic, thought leading? It was hi-tech.

  • Technical solutions

DBE sets innovative standards with its ‘draw on slide’ option, to be used by expert or moderator in real presentation time. Nice, huh? And there’s more good for the moderator, he can use portable devices ( iPhone + Apple watch) to freely move around the room while controlling the slides.

DBE Watch

Decision Based Education will add some fire to your presentation. It will transform dull, linear slide shows into real events.

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