Internal company presentations with DBE

  • by
  • Igor Gnot
  • Partner & ceo at connectmedica

Internal company presentations with DBE

Internal presentations are like spices in a meal: somewhat additional, but at the same time crucial for the whole to have the right feeling. Contact with inspirers and managers offering us thought exchange and relevant knowledge is key to company development. That is why enterprises aim at organizing cyclical meetings during which managers inform about past performance and visions for the future, express their greetings and wishes. Nowadays 90% of employees, according to stats from USA, Canada and UK, work in the SME (small and medium enterprise)  sector, which leaves a 10 % of labor force in big, global companies. Global means: strewned around amongst many countries and time zones.

While working in a big, international company we might not even know coworkers in the same building, let alone colleagues from another city or country. This is why knowledge transfer and business training is very hard to set up and conduct. If you have a very important KOL, like Head of Business Change, living somewhere abroad, the only way he could speak directly to your audience without having to invite him physically to the meeting would be a video streaming. This way the group in your location can see, hear and interact with the speaker as if he really was there.

I know this will sound absurd, but some big companies really do send a film crew to another business locations abroad to shoot a manager or specialist and his speech towards employees. How big are the travel costs for a whole crew – you can imagine. Why don’t managers just record themselves on an iPad or mobile and then send the film? Could be, but there comes the issue of quality. A manager has to look professional, no matter the occasion, and he will not get this effect while facing practical problems linked to self-recording: leaning towards the tablet in order to speak to it, holding the device in arm’s length etc.

The solution could be DBE, Decision Based Education tool, making it possible to drag and drop video into presentation slides in the easiest way. DBE is a dynamic presentation tool, enabling you to add videos to each slide. In case of using this tool, an important thought leader abroad can ask professionals from his site or location to help him record the video with his speech directly from his tablet. So another employee holds the device equipped with DBE, and the high quality video is drag and dropped directly into the presentation.

And there you go – internal presentations for monthly or quarterly meetings can be conducted internationally with video support using just one tool.

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