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Decision Based Education is a complete solution to create & conduct powerful sales presentations

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Empower your team

One complete platform

DBE improves your sales effectiveness with powerful DBE presentations.
Perfect for group meetings, education, promotion and onboarding programs

One complete platform

Improve your sales effectiveness

Powerful, integrated & complete

DBE is an integrated suite of apps that allows for rapid creation of high quality presentation & instant distribution among your sales force. Engage your customers and track all activities.
Perfect set of integrated tools to transform your sales effectiveness.


Create effective presentations

Speed up production process, re-use content, engage key opinion leaders, customize and cut costs

Runs on iPad


Run a high quality DBE presentatons

Significantly improve quality of communication, prolong visits, engage and change decision patterns of your customers

Runs on iPad & Android


Empower your presentation with pre-recorded video commentaries.

Rapidly create slide video commentaries. Cooperate instantly with everyone around the world

Runs on iPad & iPhone


Conduct the perfect pitch

With a second screen your representative is finally capable of conducting powerful high quality meetings, engage customers and report activities in real time

Runs on any TV
or Projector screen

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Accelerate the selling cycle

Decision Based Education
is fast, effective & engaging

  1. Create your presentation faster than with any other software
  2. Empower your representatives with powerful authority driven presentations
  3. Improve sales conversation with an amazing non-linear presentation agenda

Project Manager

DBE makes my work much easier. Creating and controlling the flow of any of my education programs is fast, easy and reliable.

Key Opinion Leader

Thanks to DBE I can record my key information and comments to slides anytime, anywhere using my iPhone or iPad. In seconds I can deliver the audience the best information

The next big thing in successful knowledge transfer

Decision Based Education is the best method of coaching your audience in its class

  1. Increase the effectiveness of meetings by matching the promotional material with the course of the discussion
  2. Deliver the highest quality of communication – every time across the whole organization
  3. Empower your representatives - delight your audience – engage them throughout the meeting

Business Unit Manager

With DBE our target group is 92% satisfied with our activities . Our representatives can focus on business relation while we use DBE to create solid add value with our strategic KOL partners

Medical Representative

Before DBE our sales meetings were difficult to conduct, unsatisfying and boring to the audience. Now my doctors love to come back to my meetings and appreciate the content we provide

The way to ramp up your communication effectiveness

Upgrade your meeting to the next level

  1. Get your sales team ready to work with DBE within hours thanks to DBE ease of use
  2. Extend your in-hospital meetings for up to 35 minutes on average
  3. 9 out of 10 Doctors recommend DBE meeting to their colleagues

Sales Representative

DBE presenter is so easy to use. Plug&Play. DBE is the best app to conduct group meetings with doctors with our library of patient case studies commented by Key Opinion Leaders. I would love to be a representative again


We need in-hospital high quality education provided by our mentors. DBE is a fantastic new framework provided by pharmaceutical company. Decision based education is an engaging and effective way of adjusting our therapy decision patterns to the newest guidelines and therapies

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